Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Field of Dreams

"Sometimes when you believe the impossible, the incredible comes true."

Friday, March 29, 2013


In one of the second season episodes of CSI: Miami a Criminal Investigator and a Medical Examiner is investigating a crime scene. There's a fire spreading in their direction and they know they need to move fast to collect the body, and as much evidence from the crime scene as possible before it is destroyed by the fire. The next thing they know the fire turns into a *flash fire; there is no time to run. They drop right where they are, curl up under a fireproof blanket and survive the ordeal with only minor injuries.

While they are huddled under the blanket there's a few seconds of footage giving the viewers an idea of just how hot it can get under a fairly thin fireproof blanket, all around engulfed in flames. Didn't look like a comfortable spot at all.

There are times in life when it can feel like you are caught in a flash fire and the heat is turned up all the way - with nowhere to run. It is during those times when we need to remember that