Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Field of Dreams

"Sometimes when you believe the impossible, the incredible comes true."

Ray, a farmer from Iowa, hears voices telling him to build a baseball field in his cornfield. As rediculous as it may sound to everyone else it is that real to Ray. He feels absolutely compelled to follow it, and he does. He faces only one 'minor' challenge: he now has a baseball field in the place of a cornfield and he is bankrupt. When the bank opens in the morning they will be foreclosing on the farm and Ray stands to lose everything. While his brother in law tries to convince him to sell out first, his little girl reminds him that "people will come". There is hope yet - a reward for his following his heart - that he doesn't need to sell the land. 

Every defining moment in life inevitably confronts us with the crucial choice: will we follow the voice of hope or be discouraged out of our dream by the voice of despair? 

Oh, how I wish that life could be more 'black and white' sometimes, but it would seem that every story of greatness has the element of the extraordinary in it; something beyond pure logic. It is an element of courage that calls you to take another step beyond a calculated risk, playing safe. An element that dares you to face your fears and reach for the possibility of glory beyond it. It calls out to you to defy the "they say" and be your own person; to stand for what you believe in even if everyone else sits down. 

No, I don't think it is possible to live extraordinary in black and white.

In the place of the corn Ray planted seeds of faith for greatness. Just like a seed germinates, sprouts up and brings forth a harvest, so I have to believe that our seeds of faith yield a harvest of dreams coming true. 

But this process is not an overnight one. It takes time. It demands patience. It demands that we water and watch over it even though we cannot see any progress. It demands that we keep believing while we wait for the tiny green shoot to poke its head through the soil. Sometimes it takes longer than we hoped. And when there are set backs  and disappointment - and there will be - it demands that we don't give up... ever.

Extraordinary demands that we heed the voice of hope!

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